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It’s nice that you have found your way to us. In our dental practice, competence and state-of-the-art dentistry meet heart and passion. When you come to Lieblings-Zahnarzt, the focus is on you, your personal wishes and, of course, your teeth.


Our mission is to be more than just your dentist – we want to literally become your “favourite dentist”. Excellent workmanship, attention to detail, and a genuine interest in our patients are matters close to our heart. We take ample time for your consultation and our practice is equipped with state-of-the-art dental equipment to support your dental health. We strive to make your appointment with us a feel-good visit and eliminate any dental anxiety you may have – whether you come in for a bi-annual check-up, a root canal treatment, periodontal care or just want to explore new options for dental implants.

We speak English!

We are happy to greet you in English in our practice as well as on our website. Our team and dentists speak English and look forward to getting to know you and making your experience as pleasant as possible.

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your comfort is important to us

We love details: you can expect coffee specialities, free wi-fi, relaxing music and a cosy waiting room. You won’t even feel like you’re at the dentist’s office, but rather at your favourite coffee shop.


We value your time – and your financial resources

Our office processes are designed to minimize your waiting time. We value your time and will keep you posted if there is a rare wait. You can make appointments with us online. We also offer the option of paying for dental services in up to 24 instalments at no extra charge.

Our main areas of focus

Our teeth help to express our emotions with every smile and should perform at their best every day As specialists in dental aesthetics, the health and appearance of your teeth are of utmost importance to us. We always make our best effort to preserve your natural teeth.

Our highly qualified team is specialized in aesthetic dentistry and have several years of advanced training. We use highly modern digital procedures, offering you the convenience of fitting your individual dental denture on the same day without the need for a temporary.

Aesthetic dentistry offers a wide range of possibilities: it’s possible to changes the colour, size, position, width, or length of your teeth. We take time and care to find the best possible options to achieve your personal aesthetic requirements.
Possible options include natural tooth-coloured fillings (composite), ceramic restorations (inlays, partial crowns), crowns, bridges, dentures, implants, bleaching (whitening your teeth), veneers (wafer-thin ceramic shells) or whatever you desire for your warmest smile. Just contact us!

White teeth look healthy, well-groomed, and attractive. We are happy to help you brighten your smile!
The causes of tooth discoloration are extremely varied and always different for each patient. For example, the consumption of coffee, tea, cola, tobacco, or red wine can influence the colour of the teeth, as can certain medications, diseases, dental injuries or root fillings. Aging also changes the pigmentation of your teeth in general.
After determining the cause of the discoloration, together we will choose the best method for whitening – and the way back to a bright smile! We perform teeth whitening in our practice in Cologne using the so-called in-office whitening. The flash method with a modern LED lamp is a proven method based on thorough market research, clinical studies, and our own experience.

Craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD) refers to a functional disorder of the masticatory system, i.e., the temporomandibular joints, the masticatory muscles or how the teeth bite together. The reasons for this are manifold. In addition to the “wrong” bite, for example, due to malocclusion or gaps between the teeth. CMD can also be due to poorly fitting dentures or head and neck malocclusions, for example, caused by sitting at a computer for many hours a day. Very often, however, the reasons for the dysfunction of the masticatory system also stem from the psyche, because stress can also lead to tension in the chewing, facial and head muscles.
In order to treat CMD appropriately, we first make a comprehensive diagnosis after a thorough functional diagnostic examination and medical history. Bite mouthguards (also called occlusal or Michigan splints) are always an important component of CMD treatment. After thorough analysis and measurement, the splints are custom-made of transparent plastic material by local, specialized laboratories.
Wearing a splint can lead to significant improvement as it prevents the direct contact of the teeth of the upper and lower jaw during biting and protects the tooth enamel and periodontium while also relieving the jaw joints.
A splint helps to restore the natural closing of the upper and lower jaw and prevents the constant wear of tooth substance.
If necessary, we also work with specialized physiotherapists or manual therapists as well as osteopaths and can prescribe, for example, physiotherapy with a focus on craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD).

The natural dental crown is generally the anatomical part of the tooth that is visible above the gum. A dental crown as part of a fixed dental prosthesis is used when caries, root canal treatment or, for example, an accidental injury has resulted in such severe damage to the patient’s own tooth that treatment with a simple dental filling, e.g. made of plastic, is no longer possible or not stable enough in the long term. While a filling is anchored in the tooth itself and replaces only minor parts of the tooth substance, a crown partially (partial crown) or completely encloses the tooth.
A crown ensures that the chewing function of the damaged tooth is restored and protects against further loss of tooth substance, e.g. due to caries. If a severely damaged tooth is not treated, this can have a detrimental effect on the entire bite, affecting previously healthy teeth due to improper stress.
For aesthetic reasons and out of conviction, we use almost exclusively all-ceramic crowns. The material of the crown core is tooth-coloured and corresponds to the natural colour of the neighbouring teeth.

A dental bridge is a proven and very versatile alternative of fixed dental prosthesis. While dental crowns are always used when significant parts of a tooth are destroyed or damaged, dental bridges are used when one or more teeth are missing in the jaw. In the truest sense of the word, the bridge literally “bridges” an existing gap between the teeth – just like a river – using a custom-made dental appliance. A dental laboratory manufactures the dental bridge individually for each patient, for example, from almost completely natural-looking ceramic.

There are many ways to treat caries – depending on the extent, location, aesthetics, and function. Out of conviction we do not use amalgam or cement fillings. Instead, we are pleased to offer you a special plastic mixture as a high-quality basic filling material, which is covered by all health insurance. Aesthetically, this dental filling with its white to light grey colour is clearly superior to amalgam as an “artificial tooth substance”.

Aesthetic multi-layer procedure with ceramic share: COMPOSITE
The composite filling belongs to the plastic, tooth-coloured fillings which are fastened to the tooth with a bonding agent (adhesive). This ceramic-like filling material consists of about 20 percent plastic and about 80 percent fine ceramic components. In contrast to rigid dental fillings (e.g., inlays or onlays), the malleable plastic is inserted directly into the hole in several layers (multi-layer procedure), then moulded to the tooth defect and finally cured by means of a UV lamp (adhesive technique). In our practice, we use only the highest quality composites or composite fillings and related products purchased exclusively from leading manufacturers such as Densply Sirona or Kerr Dental.

Combination of durability and highest aesthetics: INLAY CERAMICS
Ceramic inlays or ceramic fillings are made of high-quality ceramic materials which the dental technician forms in many individual layers. Ceramic inlays are of exceptionally high quality and strength. They are extremely durable as a dental prosthesis or artificial tooth substance, and last on average ten to twelve years. Aesthetically, ceramic inlays are in a class of their own and are matched precisely to the existing tooth colour.

Dental implants as artificial tooth roots can improve quality of life. The long-term prognosis is excellent: 95% of the 500,000 implants inserted annually in Germany last from several decades to a lifetime.
Titanium implants have been successfully established as the standard in modern dentistry and dental appliances and provide significantly improved comfort as well as excellent longevity compared to conventional methods.
Our practice uses only the highest quality dental implants and materials from renowned and market-leading manufacturers (e.g. Straumann or Camlog).

Empathy and a loving approach with heart and patience, or sometimes just a little magic, are the keys to a good feeling when treating your child. The goal of our team is to ensure that that your child would like to visit us again. The milk teeth lay the foundation for future dental health and subsequent permanent teeth. Good prevention, even for our youngest patients, is always better than having to drill into a child’s teeth.
Our concept for treating children is characterized by a child-friendly approach by our entire practice team in terms of environment, language and procedure: Your child will always look forward to the reward at the end! Put your trust in us and especially in your child – you will be surprised. We love children’s smiles!

In the past, caries were the main cause of tooth loss – today it is periodontitis. Statistically, one in four people over the age of 40 is affected, but it is not uncommon for younger people to be affected as well.
Periodontitis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the periodontium that can result in tooth loss. It is not the tooth itself that is diseased, but rather the tissue that anchors and nourishes it in the jawbone. The inflammation destroys the fibres that hold the tooth in place. If this process continues unchecked, the tooth loosens and eventually tooth loss occurs.
We are happy to help you prevent this from happening to you – this is a matter of the heart for us and our specialised preventative dentistry team.

Preserve your own teeth: We are your dentist for comprehensive root canal treatment
In most cases, the reason for a root canal treatment is simply the bacteria caused by a cavity that has penetrated the inside of the tooth and reached the nerve (pulp or dental pulp). This can cause inflammation of the nerve of the tooth (pulpitis) which, if left untreated, will most likely spread through the tooth root to the tip of the root, destroying destroy the nerve. The signs of inflammation of a diseased dental nerve can range from prolonged hot and cold sensations, sudden pain (especially at night), discomfort when biting down, sensitivity to tapping, to pulsating pain and swelling.
Modern technical methods significantly increase the success of root canal treatment with the ultimate long-term goal of preserving the tooth and avoiding root apex resection.
We rely on this and, out of conviction, perform this treatment in our practice according to the highest medical-technical standard.

It is not only in the field of dentistry that the following applies: Before making a major decision, it is advisable to weigh up all the alternatives. We are convinced that when it comes to your health, especially for extensive dental treatment, it should not only be about the cheapest price. Our aim is to take adequate time to help you to find the best option for you personally by considering all aspects of dentistry. The most important factors are the findings, the therapy alternatives, the origin and cost of the material, the quality of the dental laboratory, the time required and the complexity of the treatment. If you already have a treatment plan and/or a cost estimate, a second opinion will provide essential information about the medical and financial considerations to make a sound decision.

A professional dental cleaning is more than just removing tartar and plaque. We care for areas that cannot be reached even with the best brushing and good oral hygiene. We do this very gently using the most modern equipment at the cutting edge of technology and science. Regular professional dental cleanings not only reduce the risk of caries and gum disease, but also minimize the incidence of strokes, (heart) attacks and miscarriages. The rule here is: prevention is better than any necessary treatment! (an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure)
Not every dental cleaning is the same!
All treatment rooms at Lieblings-Zahnarzt are equipped with a state-of-the-art AIR-FLOW® PROPHYLAXIS MASTER from the specialized Swiss manufacturer EMS. This very innovative prophylaxis unit combines three highly efficient proven procedures: the Air-Flow® and Perio-Flow® powder jet units and the Piezon Master®, an ultrasound-guided hand instrument for removing plaque. The combination of these procedures is also referred to as “Biofilm Therapy”.

Unbeatable invisibility: we are your dentist for teeth straightening with transparent dental trays
Did you know that nowadays it is possible to achieve straight teeth in just a few months with the help of nearly invisible dental trays? This innovative method is not only for children and adolescents, but also for adults of all ages. Orthodontic treatment to correct the position of both front and back teeth is possible with the aligner system. A predictable result is possible through perfect planning thanks to a 3D scan of your teeth.

  1. Consultation: no questions left unanswered.
  2. 3D scan and visualization: Free digital scan.
  3. Barely visible, comfortable to wear and easy to insert and remove.
  4. New smile: you can enjoy your beautiful new smile after just a few months!

Our Services


Our opening hours offer you the opportunity to find the ideal time for your appointment. Whether early in the morning before work, during your lunch break, or a more relaxed in the evening. Often, less is more – especially when it comes to waiting. Because your time is precious to us, we ensure no or only short waiting times for our patients through our professional organizational procedures and sufficiently planned appointment time slots.


Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, we offer only digital X-rays – directly in the treatment chair, if required. Radiation exposure is reduced by 90% compared to analog X-rays and this method provides better image quality. In addition, digital technology is sustainable and eliminates environmentally harmful materials.


When can we be there for you? You are welcome to call or simply make your appointment online here. Just fill in our online form and we will confirm your proposed appointment by text message. If your preferred appointment slots are already taken, we will call you to find an alternative date.


When it comes to health and personal well-being, the quality of a treatment should not take a back seat due to cost. Just contact us and take advantage of – like many of our patients – the uncomplicated and free service offer of payments over 24 months – 100% interest-free without any additional costs.


In the stress of everyday life, it’s easy for us to forget our semi-annual check-up appointment. The stamp in your bonus booklet is still missing and it’s suddenly Christmas again. We are happy to remind you of upcoming appointments and your semi-annual check-up via text message and e-mail.


In our waiting room, which some of our patients say reminds them more of a cosy living room than a doctor’s office, we invite you to enjoy a delicious cappuccino in case of a short wait. Browse through an interesting travel guide or quickly check your e-mails with our free W-LAN.

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